Friday, January 8, 2010

A published Artist

A few weeks ago Erin sent in a drawing to the Virginian-Pilot for their holiday gallery to be displayed on Christmas Day. That morning we hurriedly flipped through the insert with all of the children's art only to be disappointed that Erin's hadn't made the cut. She was sad that they didn't like her art. We took the opportunity to use it as a teaching experience that there will be disappointments in life as we were disappointed too. It wasn't until the next morning when Joe received an email from his boss congratulating Erin on her drawing in the paper that we realized we had completely missed it. It wasn't in the insert with all the other art - IT WAS ON THE FRONT PAGE of the paper. We all got super excited and started calling friends to save yesterday's paper! Erin was elated and was even more excited that her picture was above Barack Obama's in the paper - don't know where she comes up with stuff like that! We are so proud of our little artist and know this is the first of many illustrations to be printed by Erin!