Thursday, September 6, 2007

a date with daddy

Joe and Erin had a date last night to Jungle Golf at the oceanfront. They took a picnic dinner and ate it in the truck while they watched a little video. Then they played golf together and Joe said she did very well. She wasn't quite sure where her ball went on the 18th hole. Then they went to the beach to play in the sand. We had one exhausted toddler and one extremely proud daddy last night. I'm so glad they got to spend this time together.

First Day of Preschool

Erin started Preschool yesterday morning. She woke up and was so excited! She got herself dressed while I tried to pull myself together and we were out the door on time!!!! She walked right into her room pausing for a few pictures. She hung her tote bag up and then found a magna doodle and a puzzle to start working on. When I picked her up she came out of the door holding her first craft. She said, "I made this just for you mom, you can hang it on the fridgerator, Do you love it?" Do I love it - I'll treasure it forever. She told us all about her first day, no lack of information there! I asked her about the other kids in her class and she could only remember a boy named David. Out of 9 girls and 4 boys, she remembered a boys name - wonder what David did to make himself stand out. Oh well, I'm sure many fun stories are to come! I'm so glad she had such a wonderful first day, and I pray many more will follow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Labor Free Weekend!

We were so looking forward to this weekend and having some relaxation and fun. We started the weekend off with the Saunders. Ryan and Erin enjoyed some time playing in our backyard that favors a sandy beach, and then they had a picnic in the living room. Papa Joe made the picnic table for Erin as a birthday present.

Then, on Saturday the girls went to check out the sales for a little while so daddy could get some work done. Then we all watched the Georgia Tech game and had homemade pizza. It was a very relaxing day. Sunday we enjoyed church and afternoon naps, and I got to go to Michaels by myself. Anna slept the whole time I was gone, and woke up as I walked in the door. I was also greeted by Erin telling me she hadn't had snack and didn't go outside to play. I asked Joe if she had mentioned those things to him and he said nope she just played by herself the whole time. What is it about mom that we get bombarded with everything? Of course daddy thinks my days are easy with the girls because they didn't bother him the entire hour and a half I was gone. Oh well - one of these days he'll get it!

Labor Day was great! Joe got up to play golf at an insanely early hour so he'd be back in time to hit the beach with the Small Group. Little did he know while he was playing, our numbers were dwindling. It ended up being us and the Jackson 3 at the beach, and it was perfect. Cody and Erin had fun with their shovels and pails and cookies too. Both of them had a great time in the water. It was also Anna's first trip to the beach and she loved it. We finished the weekend with a cookout at MawMaw's house(my mom's) with the cousins! It was a great weekend and we have spent today recovering!

Forgive the layout of Anna's picture - I haven't figured out how to rotate the pics.