Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Friday!

Friday was a beautiful afternoon so we headed outside after nap time. I was able to break out the water table and Anna soaked herself while Erin and our neighbor JakJak gardened! Daddy didn't make it home til late so he missed our Ice Cream sundaes on the deck. Ice cream season has begun!


Erin and I spent last Thursday baking banana muffins and planting flowers. She was given some seeds in one of her Easter baskets and couldn't wait to get down and dirty with the plants. I told her we'd plant them, but I couldn't promise much after that. Neither of my thumbs is green and I have a terrible track record. So hopefully in a week I can post a picture of some sprouts!

Our Favorite Organ!

A treat at my Grandma Smith's house has always been getting to play with her organ. It has always been there and Kim and I used to rock out on it. It plays all kinds of funky beats. So what a treat it was for Erin and Anna to get their hands on it! They had a blast!

Easter 2009

I realize I'm behind, but at least it's still April! Here are a few snapshots from our wonderful Easter celebration!