Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Washington

Anna is a history buff in the making. She fell in love with Washington D.C. this past Summer and asked for the Washington Monument for Christmas. She has 3 W.M. figurines, a book about D.C., a photo book from our trip which she counts among her most treasured possessions. We couldn't let President Washington's birthday pass without a celebration. It was crazy hat day at school so we created a hat with all her favorite D.C. monuments. She was also leader at school so she was able to take her books about D.C. and show them to her classmates. In the afternoon she watched Charlie Brown goes to Washington D.C. while I prepared all of George's favorite foods for dinner. We had fish, green beans and cornbread. We threw in some mac n cheese because we're sure he would have loved that too! We topped it off with cherry crunch and vanilla ice cream since we all know he loved cherries. It's a small thing to do for the joy that it brought to Anna. You would have thought it was her birthday! We love our little history girl!

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